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Blessings began with the deep desire of a group of people from diverse spiritual paths to share love and understanding, as well as being a blessing to each other and the world. In moving from mere religious tolerance to religious appreciation, our hope is that we build a stronger and more lasting foundation for world peace.

Interfaith Gatherings

Blessings Interfaith Gatherings are an opportunity for people of all faiths and spiritual orientations to join together in a spirit of gratitude to celebrate life as a Blessing.  Our aim is to model new ways of shared experience that honors the uniqueness of each spiritual path while celebrating both our unity and our diversity.

Being a Blessing to each other and the world is a core value that all spiritual paths share. We bless each other and the world by opening a Heart-space large enough for all people to be welcomed into.

We invite teachers and leaders of all spiritual traditions and orientations to join with us in co-creating our celebration events.

Interfaith Dialog

Interfaith dialog focuses on each of us sharing our spiritual journey in a non-judgmental environment. Through our dialog process we aim to increase appreciation, understanding, and acceptance and foster and support the domain of Love in our world.

The Walkers are “Barefoot Priests” ordained in the Free Catholic Tradition. through the Charism of Ascension Alliance. Our ordination is rooted in an Apostolic Succession with lineages dating to the pre-Roman early Christian Church. Our core ministry is to teach the radical inclusivity of God’s Unconditional Love.


Many Faiths, One Love